Welcome to the brand spanking new LondonRoad.net!

LondonRoad.net (poshweare.net is only temporary while we get setup,)  turned 20 last year and is the oldest – and best – place to talk about Peterborough United on the internet. Our legendary forum has entertained and infuriated in equal measure since 1997. It is not only a place to chat about Posh, it’s a place to chat about anything. As well as our Posh forum, we have the Fred Drift forum – named after the legendary late poster – where we discuss everything non-Posh, from the implications of Brexit, film & TV recommendations and which soft drink goes best with Lasagne.

As well as the forum, we have decided to start our very own blog. The blog is be written by a diverse range of writers and will feature previews, match reports, comment pieces, historical Posh articles, and a whole lot more!

The forum has always been the heart of the site and can be found here. If you were a member of the old site, your old login details should work as before. We’ve had some work done though, so things might not be quite where you remember. If you can’t figure out how to do something, or you think you’ve found a bug then please report it. If you were not a member, have a browse and get a feel for the place. But why not get on board, and have your say?! We’d love to have you.

The one thing that HASN’T changed is our independence. The site is run by unpaid volunteers and funded entirely through funds from our Amazon affiliate links and donations from members so we have no paymasters to placate. We’re happy to welcome posters onto the forum from the Club, the Official Supporters Club, PISA, The Posh Trust and any other groups that may wish to participate, a neutral venue where ALL Posh voices can be heard. Ultimately this place is by the fans, for the fans. You’re the lifeblood of this site and the club itself and it’ll always be run with you in mind first and foremost.

So enjoy the site! Read the blog, follow us on Twitter and Facebook and add your voice to the conversation on the forum. If you want to go a step further then why not contact us about writing for the blog? We will read and carefully consider anything Posh or football related.

Up The Posh!